Hong Kong Zhenhua and Hong Kong Family Welfare Society Jointly Organize “Tour to Dream Come True Education Park”Volunteer Activity
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On August 25, the CHEC Hong Kong Zhenhua Volunteer Team and the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (hereinafter referred to as HKFWS) jointly organized the "Tour to Dream Come True Education Park" volunteer activity, and accompanied 27 children to the Hong Kong Dream Come True Education Park to experience the "vocational simulation game".
The volunteer team on that day accompanied the children to have a professional experience in groups. Every child actively participated in the activity and showed great interest and vision for their future career. The activity was a complete success. After the activity, the HKFWS presented a Certificate of Appreciation to CHEC, expressing gratitude for the Company’s care for children's growth and for greatly supporting the activity.
Dream Come True Education Park, where the activity was organized, was established in 2012. It is a mental education place specially built for children, which has the aim of expanding children's horizon through vocational simulation experience. This activity aimed at enhancing children's learning interest and absorption ability through vocational simulation games, so that they can experience the future, develop the sense of teamwork and correct social values.

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