The Head Office of South Africa Regional Company Holds a Ceremony of Donating Drought Relief Supplies to Southern Provinces of Angola
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Since February, 2019, severe drought has affected the production and life of the local people in the Namibe, Cunene and Kuando-Kubango in the south of Angola. On July 8, at the call of the Angolan Ministry of Construction, representatives of head office of the regional company held a donation to the disaster-hit areas at the Engineering Laboratory of Angola (LEA).
At the donation ceremony, representatives of the regional company transferred a large number of daily supplies such as flour and drinking water to the people in disaster-hit areas through the Angolan Ministry of Construction. Anna from the Planning Department of the Angolan Ministry of Construction expressed her gratitude to the regional company. She said that the Angolan people would not forget the love and goodwill of CHEC and other Chinese companies. She hoped that Chinese companies would promote interaction with local communities and build the foundation of mutual trust and friendly exchanges between the citizens of both countries.
The South African Regional Company has always attached importance to host countries and has implemented its social responsibilities there. For example, in March, 2019, the city of Sumbe, Angola, was hit by heavy rain. The Sumbe Project Department organized a number of machinery and staff to carry out drainage repairs on a number of municipal roads. On June 1st, The Sumbe Project Department and the Road Project Department launched donation and visiting activities to local orphanages and children's hospitals successively.

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