Tema New Container Terminal Project and LNG Terminal Project in Ghana Organize a Series of Environment Protection Activities
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From June 5 to 6, Tema New Container Terminal Project and LNG Terminal Project in Ghana organized a series of environment protection activities. The owners' representatives, representatives of the Engineering Consulting Company, project leaders and all employees participated in the activities.
On June 5, the 48th World Environment Day, the morning meeting for environmental protection themed on “Preventing Air Pollution” was organized by the Project Department. At the meeting, the owner and the engineering consulting company expressed their gratitude to the Project Department for the activities themed on World Environment Day, and recognized its efforts and achievements in environmental protection. The representative of the Project Department said that the achievements of the project in environmental protection couldn’t be separated from the efforts of each participant, and that they would make relentless efforts to achieve more. Besides, the certificates of "Outstanding Environmental Protection Worker" were issued to employees who made outstanding contributions to the environmental protection work of the project.
On June 6, the Project Department volunteers went to local educational institutions to carry out public welfare environmental protection activities. The volunteers illustrated the environmental protection inventions of the Project Department with pictures, texts and material display, with the purpose of vividly presenting the environmental protection mode of resource conservation and recycling to the children. The children actively participated in the interaction. Furthermore, the project department presented a series of environmental protection products such as environmental protection inventions and environmental protection dustbins to educational institutions.
These activities are new contents of the plate "Party construction and environmental protection management”. Not only does it improve environmental protection consciousness of all staff of the project department, but also serves as an important reflection of the project department actively performing social responsibility and establishing a good enterprise image, which is beneficial to promoting the construction of "management highland" in the “four highlands” of the Project Department.

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