Jamaica Office Holds Labor Day Campus Public Welfare Activity
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On June 2, the Jamaica Office of the America Regional Company held the "Beautiful Campus" public welfare activity on the occasion of Jamaica Labor Day.
That day, the volunteers from the Office gathered at the YWCA School Leavers Institute and then quickly began to repair the infrastructure of the school as scheduled. The repair mainly covers laying the floor tiles in the laboratory, installation of partition boards and painting of school classrooms and external walls. In the activity, the volunteers galvanized the teachers and students in the school with their enthusiasm, and they all volunteered to participate in the activity. After the activity, the campus took on a new look, and the teachers and students of the school praised the activity. Three large local media came for interviews and filming, and reported this activity on TV, newspapers and websites. This activity received unanimous praise and recognition from the Jamaican community.
Since it entered the Jamaican market, CHEC has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, taken the initiative to hold and participate in various public welfare activities, significantly improved the good image of CHEC, and created a good external environment for CHEC's production and operation activities.

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