Macao Zhenhua Participates in the 35th "Walk for Millions" Charity Walk Event of Macao
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On the morning of December 9, the entire staff of Macao Zhenhua participated in the 35th "Walk for Millions" Charity Walk Event sponsored by the Public Welfare Foundation of Macao Daily News Readers. The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Edmund Ho Hau-wah - Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, Mr. Chui Sai On - Chief Executive of Macao SAR, Mr. Zhang Rongshun - Deputy Director of Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Macao SAR, and Ms. Shen Beili - a Commissioner of Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in the Macao SAR. Mr. Wang Wei - Chief Engineer of CHEC and General Manager of Macao Zhenhua and Mr. Zhao Yuxi - Party Secretary of Macao Zhenhua also participated in the event.
The weather was cold that day and accompanied by drizzle, but this did not in anyway curb the enthusiasm of all the staff of Macao Zhenhua. They showed their support for Macao’s public welfare cause with practical actions in spite of the wind and rain, portraying the good mental outlook of CHEC.
The "Walk for Millions" event is the largest mass public welfare activity in Macao. It started in 1984 and has been held for 35 years consecutively. It is held on the second Sunday of December every year. Since 1992, 26 years now, Macao Zhenhua has participated in this event, assuming the responsibility of a central enterprise who finds joy in sharing a common fate with Macao and shouldering the social responsibilities.

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