Cameroon Kribi Deepwater Port Project Department Dug a Well to Benefit the Local People
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In order to fulfill the enterprise social responsibility, the Central African Regional Management Company voluntarily dug a well whose water could be drunk directly in Kribi, Cameroon. On January 28, the formal opening ceremony of the well was held in Kribi. BISOGA ANTOINE - governor of Ocean Province attended the ceremony and highly praised the charity of CHEC, spoke highly of Kribi Deepwater Port Phase I project which had just been completed, and expressed thanks to CHEC for its contribution to Kribi.

The well, located at the square outside the Downtown Prison of Kribi, is 70m deep and equipped with a filter plant. The quality of water meets the standard for drinking water, so it greatly improves the drinking water environment of the surrounding residents. When interviewed, Henry - superintendent of Kribi Prison stated that well water for the prison staff and prisoners was not clean enough, which caused various stomach diseases and that the current clean well water would greatly improve people’s physical condition. The local villagers also stated that they could drink water more relievedly with this well.

The project department will successively dug another four wells, help to solve the local problem of “being difficult to drink water” and really “practice the enterprise social responsibility and repay the local society”.

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