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Tender Notice
Tender Reference : ZCC/3206/OUT/2020/04/08.09/008850
Contract No.: CHEC305/SC3239
Procuring Organisation :
ZHEC – CCCC – CDC Joint Venture
Subject :
Supply and Delivery of Overseas Marine Sand
Description :
The services mainly include the provision of a fixed price commercial offer for the supply and delivery of overseas marine sand from an overseas source to designated anchorage point in China.
Estimated Quantity :
The supply and delivery of overseas marine sand is for the provision of a minimum quantity of 1,000,000 m3 (one million cubic metres), up to a maximum quantity of 3,000,000 m3 (three million cubic metres) of Goods, with delivery schedule to be equally spread over a period of four calendar months.
Closing Date/Time :
12:00 noon, 6, May 2020
Submission of Tenders :
a.Sealed tenders, in duplicate, must be clearly marked with the tender reference and the subject of the tender on the outside of the envelope (but should not bear any indication which may relate the tender to the tenderer) addressed to the details as prescribed below. Tenders must be deposited in the tender box as specified in this tender notice before the tender closing time. Late tenders and tenders not deposited in the Tender Box will not be accepted.
b.Please note that the organisation is not bound to accept the lowest offer or to limit the Supply Contract exclusively to a single offerer. In the event that the commercial offer is duly accepted by the organisation, formal execution of a Supply Contract will be undertaken.
c.For the avoidance of doubt and to make yourself acquainted with the site conditions, restrictions, working sequences as well as any other information, which may or may not affect your pricing, tenderers are recommended to contact the following person:
Contact :

Tel. No. : (852) 5425 6327
Fax No. : N/A
Email :  wenbin.zhou@3206.zccjv3rs.com

Remarks :
a.Open tendering is adopted. Please contact the above person for getting the tender documents. 
b.The detailed requirements are stipulated in the tender documents, the draft Supply Contract.
c.In returning the commercial offer, please duly complete the Price List as provided in the Appendix D to the draft Supply Contract, together with all necessary technical information as required for Appendix B and C. In addition, please complete Appendix 1 and 2 to this Tender invitation and return the same.
d.You are also draw to the attention that the provision of a performance bond is a condition precedent for the formal execution of the Supply Contract. Sample of the performance bond can be found in Appendix E of the draft Supply Contract.
e.    Please duly complete the Price List in Appendix D and return the commercial offer together with all necessary information of Appendix B and C, using a sealed envelope, at or before 12:00 noon on 6 May 2020. Please ensure that the sealed envelope should be marked with the name of your firm/company and the heading labeled and deposit it to the below address:-    

Contract No. 3206
Third Runway System Project – Main Reclamation Works

Commercial Offer for : Supply and Delivery of Overseas Marine Sand 
Address :
No.8, Sky City Road East,
Chek Lap Kok, 
Lautau Island, Hong Kong     

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