Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Witness the Inauguration of Highway N8 Constructed by CHEC
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On March 12, Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the inauguration of Highway N8 at a video conference on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the country's founding father. Obaidul Quader - Minister of Road Transportation and Bridge of Bangladesh, Aziz Ahmed - Chief of its Army Staff and Nurul Islam Sujan - Minister of Railway attended the video conference.

Sheikh Hasina pointed out that Highway N8 will play a crucial role in fostering the economic development of Bangladesh, especially in improving the living standards of inhabitants in the southern part of Bangladesh.

Highway N8 is an expansion of the former Highway N8 between Dhaka - capital of Bangladesh and Khulna, and it is the first fully closed highway in Bangladesh. The inauguration of this road has significantly improved the traffic conditions of Bangladesh and injected a strong driving force into its economic development. CHEC, as one of the contractors of Highway N8 in Bangladesh, has demonstrated the charm of Chinese builders with its pragmatic and innovative practical actions through careful organization and technical research, and has also earned several praises from the owner for its outstanding achievements.

During the inauguration ceremony of Highway N8, many mainstream media in Bangladesh quoted photos of Bhanga Interchange built by CHEC in their news reports about the inauguration of Highway N8, which was recognition of CHEC by all sectors of society.

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