CHEC Wins the Bid for the Macao Refuse Incineration Center Phase III Expansion Project
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Macao Zhenhua won the bid for the Macao Refuse Incineration Center Phase III Expansion Project on February 26. The project belongs to the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Macao SAR government. The project mainly comprises of the design and construction of the Macao Phase III Refuse Incineration Plant, a new special and hazardous waste treatment station, a new administration building and a new substation among others.   

This project is another landmark in the environmental protection industry chain of Macao constructed by Macao Zhenhua, following the Construction Waste Landfill Operation Project, the Geological Improvement Project and the Sea Mud Dumping and Transportation Project in Macao. Macao Zhenhua is certain to complete the project with high quality and high efficiency, reduce garbage and hazardous waste and make them harmless and recyclable. These measures will contribute to Macao's economic and environmental protection development and demonstrate the success of Zhenhua's great efforts in Macao's green environmental protection field and integration of superior resources.

In the following production and operation process, Macao Zhenhua will continue to utilize its own advantages to the full, combine the superior resources of all parties in the joint venture, build an internationally first-class refuse incineration facility model project, accumulate management experience and technical advantages in the field of environmental protection, and constantly promote the company's high-quality development led by industry.  

Reportedly, the first and second phases of the Macao Refuse Incineration Center that are operational can handle 1,728 tons of garbage per day, and the third phase will handle 1,300 tons of garbage per day. Thus, after the third phase is complete, the Macao Refuse Incineration Center will be able to handle 3,028 tons of garbage per day and annually generate about 400 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is enough to power 60,000 households. Once completed, the project can effectively solve the problem of urban waste treatment in Macao, improve the efficiency of waste treatment, curb its negative impact on the environment, and improve the living standards of residents. Moreover, it will become a benchmark project along the "Belt and Road" and in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.  

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