Lin Yichong Inspects the Headquarters of Foton Motor
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On the afternoon of December 23, Lin Yichong - Chairman of CHEC visited the headquarters of Foton Motor and had an in-depth discussion with Gong Yueqiong - President of Foton Motor Group, with the purpose of learning more about the development of Foton Motor in the field of commercial vehicle intelligent manufacturing, and promoting deeper cooperation between both parties. Wu Di - Vice President of CHEC was also present at the occasion.

During the visit, Lin Yichong and the delegation visited the complete series of vehicles showcased by Foton Motor and the production line of Foton Cummins Engine. Moreover, they learned about the development and achievements of Foton Motor in intelligent driving technology, super power chain, industrial Internet and other fields.

At the next symposium, Lin Yichong presented CHEC’s achievements in overseas markets this year. He noted that Foton Motor’s full series of commercial vehicles and intelligent manufacturing levels are impressive, and he hoped that CHEC would collaborate with Foton Motor in developing an overseas market business together. Gong Yueqiong presented the development history of Foton Motor and stated that although the motor sales in the Chinese market were gloomy in 2019, Foton Motor still kept a growth against the trend and confidence in development.

Both parties said that communication was full, enhanced mutual understanding and laid a good foundation for further in-depth and solid cooperation between both parties. They also look forward to making full use of their respective strengths, conducting exchanges at more levels and creating opportunities for win-win cooperation.

The event also saw the presence of important personalities of the CHEC Engineering Management Department and the Procurement Department.


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