CHEC Wins Three Bids in Saudi Arabia Successively
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CHEC recently won three consecutive bids in Saudi Arabia, with a contract worth USD 130 million.

CHEC won the bid for the Sugek Phase III Desalination Project Hydraulic Part in Saudi Arabia. The construction period is 16 months and the project owner is Acciona Agua in Spain. It mainly comprises of a land excavation and a marine pipe foundation trench, a land and marine pipe instillation and the construction of ancillary facilities related to the pipe.

CHEC also won bids for the second and third contract packages as well as the fifth contract packages of the Red Sea Villa Development Project in Saudi Arabia. The construction period is 27 months and 30 months; and the project owner is Ayling Mashuraya Real Estate Company. It mainly comprises of rough leveling works, marine works and bridge works.

By winning these bids benefits from CHEC’s brand influence and superior engineering quality, and is also inseparable from the solidarity and cooperation of departments of CHEC and the regional center. In the future, the Middle East Regional Center will improve the quality goals of ongoing projects, strengthen quality control, and work hard to build high-quality projects and world-renowned projects of “CHEC-quality”.

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