Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Attends the Ceremony in Memory of Colombo Port City Becoming a Permanent Land of Sri Lanka
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On December 7, the Colombo Port City Project Company held the ceremony in memory of Colombo Port City Becoming Permanent Land of Sri Lanka at the sales showroom. The occasion saw the presence of Mahinda Rajapaksa - Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, his Excellency Cheng Xueyuan - the Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka, his Excellency Hu Wei - the political counselor and his Excellency Yang Zuoyuan - the economic and commercial counselor, Tang Qiaoliang - President of CHEC, Zhang Xiaoqiang - General Manager of CHEC Sri Lanka Regional Company, and Jiang Houliang - Deputy Chief Engineer of CHEC and General Manager of Colombo Port City Project Company. Over 200 guests, including ministers and permanent secretaries of related departments of the Sri Lankan government, reporters of local mainstream media, network “Big V”, reporters of the Xinhua News Agency and CCTV, and enterprise representatives from all walks of life were also present.

In the company of Tang Qiaoliang, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Excellency Cheng Xueyuan first inspected the project site, measuring the new land in the sand, and then went to the showroom, where they listened to the introduction at the sand table and learning about the future plan in detail. Afterwards, they called the responsible people of relevant departments of both parties to hold a field meeting, focusing on promoting the project legislation and preferential tax policies. They witnessed the issuance of commemorative stamps and first-day cover, and enjoyed the spectacular fireworks display at the project site along with over ten thousand people at Galle Face Beach.

During the talks, his Excellency Cheng Xueyuan emphasized that the Port City Project is a typical project of the China-Sri Lanka pragmatic and friendly cooperation. China pays close attention to the progress of this project and is trying to coordinate all parties to make the Port City a new engine for Sri Lanka's economic and social development.

As the talks ensued, Tang Qiaoliang said that since the Port City Project commenced more than five years ago, CHEC has always adhered to the vision of "Building a world-clas city in South Asia", overcome difficulties, actively coped with the challenge of various risks and has made some progress. He expressed his gratitude to the Sri Lankan government and the Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka for its support for their support.

After the talks, the Sri Lankan Post Office issued the "Port City First-day Cover", and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, his Excellency Cheng Xueyuan and Tang Qiaoliang activated the button of fireworks display and watched the fireworks display with all the guests. The atmosphere at the site was very warm, and over ten thousand Sri Lankan people from all walks of life watched the fireworks display at Galle Face Green, which has triggered a strong response at the local social media. It not only improves the popularity and influence of the Port City in Sri Lanka, but also lays a solid foundation for the later secondary development.

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