The Grand Signing Ceremony for the Bogota Metro Line 1 Project in Colombia Took Place
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On the morning of November 27 local time, the signing ceremony for the Bogota Metro Line 1 Franchise Project in Colombia took place at the Presidential Palace in Bogota, Colombia. Ivan Duque – President of Colombia witnessed the signing.

The occasion saw the presence of important personalities such as Marta Lucia Ramirez – Vice President of Colombia, Orozco – Minister of Transport of Colombia, Enrique Penalosa – Mayor of Bogota, Wang Lin – a member of the Standing Committee of Xi’an Municipal Party Committee, Tang Qiaoliang - President of CHEC, Zhao Tianfa – General Manager of CCCC Northwest Regional Company, Song Yang – Chairman of Xi’an Rail Transit Group, Wang Run – Chairman of CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd., Carlos Martel – Regional Supervisor for the Americas of Bombardier Europe Investment Co., Ltd. and Kong Qi – Vice President of CHEC.

Andres Escobar – President of Bogota Metro Company and Wu Yu – Deputy General Manager of CHEC Americas Regional Company and Authorized Representative of Bogota Metro Line 1 Project Company signed the project contract on behalf of each party concerned.

President Ivan Duque congratulated on the formal signing of the Bogota Metro Line 1 Project and placed great expectations on its implementation. He stressed that the Bogota Metro Line 1 Project would create a lot of job opportunities for Bogota, lead the citizens to a better life, and play an important role in promoting the long-term economic and social development of Bogota.

His Excellency Xu Wei – the political counselor of the Chinese embassy in Colombia, and Mayor Enrique Penalosa delivered speeches successively, congratulating on the successful signing of the project and affirming the preliminary work of CHEC Joint Venture. Both of them hoped that the project would be launched smoothly and provide high-quality services for Bogota citizens as soon as possible.

Tang Qiaoliang delivered a passionate speech. He expressed his gratitude to the Colombian government and the Bogota municipal government for their trust and support, gave a brief presentation of CHEC’s global business development, looked back to the two-year bidding process, and looked forward to the project’s future. Mr. Tang said that Colombia is the foundation of CHEC in the American market, and the seeds of hope finally bore the fruit of the Bogota Metro Project in the continuous sunshine of the American continent. Facing the future, the joint venture will give full play to the advantages of each party, actively develop localized cooperation and carry out project construction and operation in a safe, environment-friendly and efficient manner centering on the goal of “building high-quality projects, promoting urban development and connecting to a better life”, so as to realize the metro dream of Bogota’s citizens, provide high-quality metro travel services and promote the urban development of Bogota.

In her speech, Wang Lin briefly presented the historical overview of Xi'an and the metro lines presently under construction or operational in Xi’an City, compared the similarity in population size and landform between Xi’an and Bogota, and expressed her confidence in the smooth implementation of the Bogota Metro Project as well as her good expectations for further communication and mutual learning between both cities.

The signing marks the official implementation of the Bogota Metro Project. This is an important step taken by CHEC in the field of integration of rail transit investment, construction and operation under the guidance of the strategy of "platform company + industry leading", a successful example of CHEC "going overseas" with high-quality domestic enterprises, and a major breakthrough for Chinese enterprises in the transport infrastructure market in the Americas. Moreover, the smooth implementation of the project is of great significance to extend CHEC’s brand influence in the American market, realize the years’ metro dream of Bogota, and promote practical cooperation between China and Colombia.

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