Tang Qiaoliang Wins the Title of 2019 Excellence in International Contracting
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The award ceremony for the 2019 Excellence in International Contracting and Deeds Session was held in Beijing on November 25. Tang Qiaoliang, President of CHEC, was elected "2019 Excellence in International Contracting". Fang Qiuchen, President of the China International Contractors Association, and Yu Xiaohong - Vice President of this Association attended the event and presented awards to the winners. Wang Bo - Vice President of CHEC attended the event and accepted the award on behalf of Mr. Tang. The event also witnessed the participation of Ye Xiaoyang - Deputy Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Director of the Party-Mass Work Department. Besides, Li Yue, an employee of CHEC’s Production and Investment Department, participated in the activity as a speaker of outstanding deeds of President Tang Qiaoliang.

When presenting the award for Tang Qiaoliang, the organizing committee said, “He has been working in the international engineering industry for more than 20 years. He has spent 12 years in Sri Lanka, creating a miracle of ‘small country, big market’. He creatively proposed and practiced the new model of "platform company + industry leading", and blazed a new path for the iterative development of international engineering platform companies.”

The selection of Excellence in International Contracting is an important event held by the China International Contractors Association. It’s objective is to select some excellent figures in international contracting with charisma, leadership, innovation and outstanding contributions in the process of Chinese enterprises practicing the “Belt and Road” Initiative when “going global”, to better publicize the deeds of advanced figures in the industry, stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of overseas constructors, create a cultural atmosphere of assuming responsibilities and overcoming difficulties, establish an industry trend of learning from others and pursuing excellence, galvanize international contracting practitioners, shape Chinese brands, relate Chinese stories, convey Chinese voices and vigorously promote international economic cooperation.

This time, the excellent figures were selected by the SASAC Research Center for Professional Managers and Expert Committee as the third party from numerous candidates for executive representatives of enterprises. A total of 10 people were awarded the honor of "2019 Excellence in International Contracting”.

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