The Construction Project Executed by the Integrated Waste Management Facilities Phase 1 in Hong Kong Officially Begins
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December 11 marked the formal launching of the construction of the cement mixing pile sub-project executed by the Integrated Waste Management Facilities (IWMF) Phase 1 in Hong Kong, which means that the on-site construction of this project started. This construction work also marks the first time in Hong Kong that cement mixing piles are being designed and constructed under the condition of large waves in the open seas.

The project has a 17 meter water depth; an 8.3 meter limited wave height, and complex terrain conditions. Therefore, Hong Kong Zhenhua organized detailed technical planning in the early stage. In the past year, it has solved 7 major technical problems, clarified more than 20 technical terms in the contract, completed 3 optimizations cement mixing pile construction parameters and 2 reconstructions of vessel stability, solved major design difficulties, such as designing strength determination in the uplift area of cement mixing piles, and successfully completing the preliminary indoor mixing test and on-site pile testing. And on the premise of reducing the amount of cement per unit, the coring strength is over 3 times higher than the requirements of the contract. Thus, it is recognized and praised by the owner.

In December 2017 IWMF Phase I was awarded a contract value of about USD 4 billion. The project type is DBO, and it has been the largest individual EPC project in the Hong Kong market so far.


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