Tang Qiaoliang Visited Panama President Juan Carlos Varela
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On September 15, Tang Qiaoliang---the General Manager of the Company visited Juan Carlos Varela—the President of Panama in the Presidential Palace, and both party made further discussions in strengthening the cooperation of infrastructure construction in Panama.

Tang Qiaoliang first introduced the basic situation of the company, the business development situation of the company in Panama in recent years and the completed projects general situation in the Americas market, meanwhile he introduced the starting work and preparation situation of the Amador Cruise Ship Terminal Project in Panama the company undertook. Tang Qiaoliang expressed that CHEC attached importance to and wished the further cooperation with the Government of Panama offering integrative services in the construction field in Panama.

Tang Qiaoliang stressed that CHEC would continue to enhance the cooperation with the Government of Panama and strengthen the joint and contacts with the senior management of ministries, committees of Chinese Government, the financing institutions and relevant enterprises, integrate the good-quality resources to push forward the infrastructure construction of Panama with a view to serving the economic development of Panama.

President Varela expressed welcome to the arrival of Tang Qiaoliang and introduced the basic infrastructure situation of Panama and the development prospects, expressing the good wishes to cooperate with Chinese Government and the Chinese enterprises.

Tang Qiaoliang also visited Panama Canal Department and Panama Metro Department on the same day.

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