Grand Opening of Panama Amador Cruise Terminal Project
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On October, 18, Panama Amador Cruise Terminal Project co-undertaken by the Company and Jan de Nul of Belgium was grandly held. Juan Carlos Varela, president of Panama, Jorge Barakat Pete, director of the Marine Board of Panama, Liu Bo, commissioner of China’s Embassy to Panama, Peter de Nul, president of Jan de Nul, Wang Bo, deputy manager of the company and so forth presented the ceremony. All staffs from Panama of American Region Company and principals of cooperative units attended the ceremony.

President Varela indicated in his address that Panama was more than glad to share the previous development experience of China that was going through its 19th People’s Congress of the CPC Committee. According to him, Amador cruise terminal project is a project under open bidding of Panama government. He sent his congratulations to CHEC on its sticking out and winning over the bidding with its strength. He believed that CHEC could add radiance to building the beautiful country of Panama through project building. He indicated that its building would carry historic significance and would greatly propel development of tourism economy in Panama. Tourism industry is the economic pillar in the country and the project would validly facilitate employment and avail development of harbor and city in Panama. Amador cruise terminal would shorten the distance between China and Panama and diminish the gap between Panama and the world. it is expected that Panama can grow into a true center for international hub as a growing number of visitors would come over through pan-Caribbean lane and South pacific lane.

With receiving interview of local TVN TV station, Wang Bo stated that CHEC was a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company. China Communications Construction Company is a Global Fortune 500 Company and an international project contractor ranking the first place in Asia and the third place in the world. with rich experience on international project building and profound strength, CHEC is an overseas business platform of China Communications Construction Company. With vigorous support of the two countries and friends from all circles of the society and with concerted efforts by local partners, we have confidence, resolute and ability to build a technologically-leading, green, environment and world-class high-standard cruise terminal, bring bliss to local society, propel economic advancement in Panama and add radiance to friendship between the two countries.

Amador cruise terminal project is projected to be completed in Mach, 2019. Proprietor of the project is Panama Marine Board, an authoritative organization on maritime management of the Panama Government. The project is located in Island of Crete at the exit of the Canal where Panama duty-free store, fancy restaurant, yacht club and long beach are clustered. One of the noted scenic spots in Panama, it has unique geological position as the exit of Canal. Amador cruise terminal, upon completion, would greatly enhance its operational quality of tourism industry in Panama, propel grand development of Panama and has major significance to propel its economic development, raise the government’s financial incomes and propel its social and economic development.

Amador cruise terminal project is the first bidding project of Panama government and is the first governmental project undertaken by Chinese companies since the two countries resumed diplomatic relationship. Bidding and successful implementing of the project has major significance to extend Panama market, further consolidate marketing status and boost brand effects.

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