Minister of Metropolitan Ministry of Western Province in Sri Lanka Presided over the Press Conference of Colombo Harbor Town Project
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On October 25, Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka , the Minister of Metropolitan Ministry of Western Province in Sri Lanka held the press conference in the office of the Colombo Harbor Town Project. The government relevant officials and more than 50 journalists of the media took part in the press conference.

At the conference, the project leader of Harbor Town of Metropolitan Ministry Nihal Fernando introduced the project planning, project progress and other situations. During the procedure of answering questions from journalists , Minister Patali made complementary introduction to the project implementation situations. He said that the current project had completed more than half of the filling engineering amount with an extraordinary rate of progress. Meanwhile, during the engineering progress, each item of supervision, monitoring and management work was implemented in serious conformity with the international standards. Minister Patali answered each questions from the journalists and especially answered the related doubts. When talking about the construction of Colombo International Finance Center, Minister Patali expressed that currently the Premier House had arranged to draft the relevant legal documents to promote the landing of construction of Colombo International Finance Center aiming to attract more global investors.

After the press conference, Minister Patali inspected the project site and visited the filling engineering process of the project dredger ships Junyang No.1 and Wanqing Sand as well as the engineering process of 200-ton excavator which had been delivered to the project for its use. During the inspection , Minister Patali introduced to the Media that at present the project image and the overall progress were good which reflected the organizing ability and executive ability of CHEC Project. On behalf of Metropolitan Ministry of Sri Lanka, he extended thanks to CHEC for its efforts and contributions made by CHEC to the economic development of Sri Lanka, and believed that the Harbor Town Project would have a beautiful future.

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