Sun Ziyu, Vice President of CCCC Limited, Made a Survey in the British Company
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On November 1, Sun Ziyu, vice president of CCCC Investment Company Limited, made a survey in the British Company.

In the seminar of survey, Chen Mili, deputy chief engineer of the company and general manager of management center in western African region, carried out detailed report on the overall operational condition in West Africa, company management, Party building culture, strategies during ‘13th Five-Year-Plan’ in the region and marketing development condition in Britain. Sun Ziyu gave full approval to operational production and management work in West Africa and showed approval to its efforts to extend market and obtain good achievements despite Abola virus and terrorist raid in West Africa. Sun indicated that strategies during ‘13th Five-Year-Plan’ in Western African Management Center highly chimed with strategies of the company and the group. Sun proposed several requirements as regards regional development: first, we should closely revolve upon the region’s marketing characteristics and enhance input of investment projects while sticking to the ‘13th Five-Year-Plan’ strategies in the group and the company; second, we should pay attention to introduction and training of financial and economic talents and extend cooperation with professional economic and financial outfits; and third, we should establish a mechanism of survival of the fittest and help outstanding talents to grow better.


As regards the development position of British company, Manager Sun emphasized that first, we should display the effect of marketing networking liaison; second, we should strengthen cooperation with the British company and introduce technology and management to a third country; and third, we should tap into investment and procurement opportunities in the British market.


Liu Boying, general manager in the Department of Technologies in CCCC Investment Company Limited, Yang Binwu, Party Committee Secretary of Western African Regional Management Center and Lin Feng, board member of the British Company, escorted him.

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