Qiaoliang Tang meets with finance minister and other people of Uganda
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Recently, Qiaoliang Tang-general manager and deputy secretary of Party committee of our company met with Casega, Minister of Uganda Finance at the company’s headquarter who came to China to attend Joint Committee between China and Uganda. And Liyi- vice-general manager of the company accompanied Mr. Tang to meet with them.

Qiaoliang Tang showed his warmest welcome to the delegation of Ministry of Uganda Finance. Mr. Tang introduced basic information and the capacity about the railway construction of the company; Mr. Tang attached more emphasis on the latest progress standard gauge railway at east route of Uganda. Mr. Tang gave a detailed instruction on main problems of loan application and corresponding solutions during the promotion process of the current project; and he also showed that the company would try its best to guarantee the progress of the project.

Minister Casega showed a positive attitude to the efforts made by the company to the railway project and emphasized that at preset this project was the most advanced project in Uganda. Uganda government makes great efforts to accomplish half of the land acquisition along the railway and has made a common advancing agreement for railway synchronism with Kenya government. Uganda government also hopes the project can be put into practice as quickly as possible and Uganda government will try its best to promote the implementation on the synchronism between Uganda government and Kenya government and repayment scheme of loan application.

Related staffs of marketing department and department of pathway business of the company as well as manager center of eastern African regions also attend the meeting.

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