A Major Scientific Research Project of CHEC Passed the Appraisal of Expert Team of China Highway & Transportation Society
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Several days ago, the research result of the major scientific research project titled Design and Research on the High-modulus Asphalt Macadam Material Selection and Mixture Optimization in the Tropical Rainy Climate which was conducted in the charge of CHEC successfully passed the appraisal of expert team of China Highway & Transportation Society. All the experts present agreed that this project had a remarkable social and economic benefit and a broad promotion and application prospect, and reached the international advanced level on the whole.

This scientific research project systematically establishes the correspondence between high-modulus asphalt macadam's mechanical property and pavement performance under the Chinese and French standard systems and raised the high-modulus asphalt macadam performance evaluation criteria. The research results include 2 local standards, 1 construction guideline, 1 CCCC enterprise technological standard and 7 academic papers, and it was successfully applied in Cameroon KRIBI-LOLABE Highway project. The research results provide an important technical guarantee for the smooth road construction of CHEC in the tropical rainy climate.

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