Jamaica North-South Highway Co., Ltd. Donated Police Cars to the Government of Jamaica
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On November 15, witnessed by the Director of Police Station, administrative vice minister of National Safety Department of Jamaica, officials of the Ministry of Transport and mainstream media reporters, CHEC Jamaica North-South Highway Co., Ltd. formally handed 2 police cars to local police station for security patrol of North-South Highway.

At the handing-over ceremony, the Director of Police Station stressed the positive significance of this donation in strengthening the law enforcement power of the police force and improving the social security. They expressed their thanks to CHEC Jamaica North-South Highway Co., Ltd. for its contribution to the social development of Jamaica.

Qin Lu – Deputy General Manager of Jamaica North-South Highway Co., Ltd. stated the value of the enterprises paying attention to the keen responsibility and excellent rewards in the development process and the good wish of further deepening the cooperation with all sectors of society.

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