Ghana's President Attended the Commencement Ceremony of Tema New Container Terminal Project
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On November 16, the commencement ceremony of Ghana Tema New Container Terminal Project constructed by CRBC was held at Tema Port. Mahama – President of Ghana, Minister of Transport and Director of Port Authority of Ghana, the Chinese Economic and Commercial Counselor to Ghana, Vice President of APMT, Vice President of Bollore, and the ambassadors of France and Netherlands in Ghana, relevant responsible staff of CHEC West African Regional Management Center and the construction participation units attended the ceremony.

In his speech, President Mahama said this project would change the form of Ghana’s shipping industry in the next 100 years and bring forward Ghana a complete maritime industry system. The expanded Tema Port would turn Ghana to be an important trade and investment center of West Africa. He also visited the breakwater construction site, sat in the cab of the bulldozer, and drove the bulldozer to push the stone at the center of the breakwater, symbolizing the formal commencement of the project.

Ghana Tema New Container Terminal Project is the largest hydraulic project in Ghana at present. It is expected to be completed in October, 2020. Tema Port is the first port in Ghana and undertakes over 80% of the port logistics of Ghana, and it is an important goods collecting and distribution place and hub port in West Africa. Along with the national economic development of Ghana and the tightening up of economic interconnectivity of West Africa, the existing operation capacity of Tema Port is far from meeting the needs. This project will directly provide over 1000 jobs for local people, and indirectly provide over 4000 jobs in related industries, and train a lot of professional technicians for Ghana and enhance the overall industry level. The throughput of the expanded Tema Container Terminal will be greatly enhanced, and it will have an important significance in strengthening the trade contacts with the West African countries, improving the living standard of the people of Ghana and boosting the social and economic development.  

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