Li Yuanchao – Vice President of China Inspected CHEC Djibouti Projects
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On November 11, Li Yuanchao – Vice President of China inspected Djibouti ASSAL Salt Lake Development Project and Special Salt Export Port Project, and gave important instructions. Representatives of relevant ministries and commissions of the State, his Excellency Fu Huaqiang – the Chinese ambassador to Djibouti, and relevant people of the Ministry of Investment and Ministry of Transport of Djibouti, and Du Nan – General Manager of CCCC Salt Industry Development Company were in company.

The delegation led by Vice President Li Yuanchao inspected ASSAL Salt Lake Development Project constructed by CHEC, learning the salt industry development process, product sales and operation and management. He praised the operation innovation model of Chinese enterprises by cooperating with local government and realizing mutual benefit. He stressed that in order to “go global”, Chinese enterprises must highlight the feasibility survey and especially be aware of sharing our economic development benefit with local counterparts to promote the friendship between the peoples of China and Djibouti.

Afterwards, the delegation visited the site of ASSAL Special Salt Export Port Project generally contracted by CHEC in EPC mode. He expressed his satisfaction with the overall construction situation of the project, and affirmed the spiritual outlook of the employees at the site and the close integration of them with local employees. He stressed that Chinese enterprises should create more jobs for local people and shouldered social responsibilities actively apart from constructing high-quality project.

The reporters of People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV and Djibouti Nation TV covered the whole process. 

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