Liberia's President Sirleaf Attended the Commencement Ceremony of Roberts International Airport Upgrading and Reconstruction Project
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On November 21, the commencement ceremony of Roberts International Airport Upgrading and Reconstruction Project in Liberia constructed by CHEC was held. Sirleaf – President of Liberia, Camara – Minister of Finance and senior executive of the Airport Authority, his Excellency Zhang Yue – the Chinese ambassador to Liberia, Li Zhuang – the political counselor, Xiao Mingxiang – the economic and commercial counselor, and CHEC’s representatives attended the ceremony.

CHEC Regional Center and the local Confucius Institute gave an excellent show conveying the friendship between China and Liberia. President Sirleaf, his Excellency Zhang Yue and the senior executive of Airport Authority gave speeches. President Sirleaf expressed his thanks to the Chinese embassy and CHEC and other relevant units for their preliminary work and efforts for this project. She said since Roberts International Airport was the portal and image embodiment of Liberia, the launch and follow-up completion of the project would have a major and positive influence on the national image improvement, economic recovery and takeoff. She said she would continue to pay attention to the progress of the airport project and hoped to witness the completion of the new airport in the near future.

After the project is completed, it is expected to serve 320,000 man-times passengers annually and will play a key role in the transportation development and economic takeoff of Liberia.

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