CCCC, CRCC and CREC Jointly Bid for Malaysia Southern Railway Project
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On November 29th, Fang Zhenru - General Manager of CCCC Malaysia Branch, on behalf of CCCC, signed the tender document for Johor- Bahru Double-track Electrified Railway Project in Malaysia (hereinafter referred to as Malaysia Southern Railway Project) together with the representatives of CRCC and CREC. On November 30th, the person in charge of CHEC Ampang Light Rail Project General Manager Department, on behalf of CCCC, submitted the project tender document together with the representatives of CRCC and CREC.

This marks that for the first time in history, the three “bellwethers” of China in the infrastructure construction industry work together to bid for a major overseas project as a team, which is of great significance to construct a new strategic pattern where Chinese enterprises “go out” together in the overseas market.

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