Sri Lanka's President Sirisena Inspected N?g?nanda International Buddhist University Project
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On November 10th, Sri Lanka’s President Sirisena inspected N?g?nanda International Buddhist University Project, accompanied by government officials of Sri Lanka and representatives of Buddhism group. And the local major media covered this event.  


President Sirisena first inspected the project construction market, watched the overall project model, visited such buildings as the lecture hall and teaching building, asked the project construction situation, and listened to the report about the project construction and later use plan by the client and person in charge of the project. After learning that CCCC strengthened the life service and reducing the later roof maintenance and repair expense through adopting concrete sloping roof structure, President Sirisena praised CHEC’s rigorous and professional attitude.  


It is learned that the funds for this project was mainly raised by HK Buddhist Education Foundation LTD. and people from all walks of life. The successful implementation of this project will have a good social effect to promote and enhance the local brand image of CHEC. Moreover, this project is also an attempt of Sri Lanka Regional Company of CHEC entering the local housing construction field foregrounding  CHEC’s exploration of and further development in the housing construction field.  

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