CCCC 6th International Engineering Business Management Advanced Training Class was Opened
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On November 11th, the 5th International Engineering Business Management Advanced Training Class of CCCC was formally open up in Beijing Jiaotong Yunmeng Hotel. You Xiaojun—Deputy General Manager of CCCC Overseas Business Department, Yu Xiaoxue—Deputy Director of CCCC Human Resources Department Training Development Division, and Bai Yinzhan—CHEC Vice President and President of China Communications Construction Management Institute International Engineering Branch attended the opening ceremony.  


At the opening ceremony, Mr. Bai Yinzhan delivered a speech. He stated this training had been held for six times since June, 2012, with accumulatively nearly 400 trainees it had provided a large number of talent reserve for the overseas business of the Group. Mr. Bai pointed out that the “belt and road” initiative provided strategic opportunities for such foreign trade enterprises as CCCC, and that in such a context, the International Engineering Branch, as a part of China Communications Construction Management Institute, organized and carried out talent international training with international engineering business management as the key point and feature and train international interdisciplinary talents who are familiar with technology, proficient in business and in foreign languages and good at management for CCCC based on the experience summarized and accumulated by CCCC in the long-term international market operation and management. CHEC is an important overseas platform company of CCCC, the place where the International Engineering Branch was located. Therefore it undertakes more responsibilities and is willing to provide opportunities and stage for overseas construction of all the units under CCCC.  


In his speech, Mr. You Xiaojun pointed out that since CCCC was established, remarkable progress had been made in the overseas business. CCCC had ranked the fifth in the list of global top 250 international contractors, and its ENR international ranking also rose constantly. Besides, it had been the first among the international Chinese listed contractors for nine consecutive years. The Group was determined as “key contact enterprise of international business strategy of SOEs” and “key contact enterprise of cultivating world first-class enterprises” by SASAC of the State Council. In combination with the strategic objective of “CCCC with Five Main Fields” and the “13th five-year” strategic plan to be launched, the Group made and implemented “11711 key talent training program” and held international engineering business management advanced training class, which were aimed to accelerate the training of high-quality and international engineering business management talents and provide talent guarantee for the overseas business development of CCCC. He hoped that the trainees could be strict with themselves according to the standard of the Group for cadres: “be reliable, be capable, be in a good state, and be good at cooperation”, have group consciousness and sense of general situation, and do their best for the priority development of the Group’s overseas business. At the same time, he required that the trainees should pay attention to the combination of theory and practice, the combination of learning and thinking and the combination of absorption and innovation in the training process, strengthen the training discipline and create a good learning style. He expected that the trainees could cherish the opportunity, work hard, learn from others, progress with each other and display the elegant appearance of CCCC with actual action.  


After the opening ceremony, over 60 international engineering and business management cadres from 25 units under CCCC will participate in the 10-day closed training.  

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