Lin Yichong Met with the Delegation Led by Sir Chadlington from the UK
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On November 13th, CHEC President Lin Yichong met with the visiting delegation from the UK led by Sir Chadlington. Both parties had a friendly talk on strengthening the cooperation on infrastructure construction field in the UK. 


Mr. Lin Yichong first introduced the current development and business scope of CHEC to Sir Chadlington, and he hoped that CHEC could carry out further cooperation with Sir Chadlington in the infrastructure construction field of the UK in the future.  


Sir Chadlington introduced his advantages in dealing with the relation with the local government of the UK and media public relations, and expressed his wish to help CHEC develop the British market. 


Moreover, both parties had an in-depth communication on the problems such as how to further explore the market of CHEC in the UK and the possible difficulties. 

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