San Marco Waterway Training Project, Grenada was Completed Ahead of Time
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On June 27, the San Marco Waterway Training Project in Grenada undertaken by CHEC was completed one month ahead of schedule, and the completion ceremony was held in the newly-built basketball court of San Marco School donated by CHEC. Mitchell – the Prime Minister of Grenada, and Ou Boqian – the Chinese ambassador to Grenada attended the ceremony and gave speeches; and the representatives of American Regional Company and the subcontractors attended the ceremony. Such mainstream media as state TV station of Grenada covered it live.

Prime Minister Mitchell expressed his congratulations on the early completion of the project, spoke highly of the construction efficiency and quality of the project department, expressed his thanks to CHEC for its contribution to the people of Grenada and said that Grenada would deepen the cooperation with CHEC and make the follow-up project carried out as soon as possible. In her speech, Ambassador Ou Boqian pointed out that the early completion of San Marco Channel Improvement Project was the result of joint efforts of China and Grenada and was another example of friendly cooperation between the two countries. She also said that CHEC effectively constructed a bridge of friendship connecting the people of two countries with a high quality and proved its strength and sense of responsibility with a practical action. At last, Prime Minister Mitchell and other main guests jointly unveiled the project completion monument, marking the formal completion of the project.

The early completion of this project lays a solid foundation for the promotion of the follow-up projects, solves the trouble of the residents on the bank of San Marco River caused by flood and makes the areas along the river become tourist attractions of this parish.

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