The Tugboats of Kribi Deepwater Port Project in Cameroon Arrived at the Site Successfully
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After 48 days’ carriage by sea, two tugboats of Kribi Deepwater Port Project, Cameroon arrived at the site smoothly on July 8. The government officials of Cameroon, such as Minister of Economic Planning and Governor of Ocean Province in South Region of Cameroon, and the general coordinator of the project client met them at the project site.

The building of the two tugboats started on February 28, 2013 according to the design requirements for fire-fighting tugboat. The tugboats are 30.1m long in total and 10.0m wide; its side is 4.8m high; its draught is about 3.7m; its navigational speed is about 12KN/h and its aggregate tonnage is about 400GT. The two boats were completed and launched on December 22, 2013 and January 19, 2014, respectively; and the trial voyage and various test tasks were carried out after this. All the results showed that the two boats satisfied the design requirements.

So far, all the large equipment of the project has smoothly arrived at the site and the tail-in work of all the sub-projects are being smoothly carried out, which lays a solid foundation for the successful completion of the project.

The successful arrival of the two tugboats attracts the attention of people in all walks of life of Cameroon, and such local media as CANAL2, E-TV and CRTV covered it live.

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