CHEC in Angola Paid Attention to and Promoted the Environmental Protection
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On July 12, the project management department of Lobito SONAREF Refinery Hydraulic Project in Angola and ADAMA signed MOU at the project department, and then, the environmental protection practice was conducted on the spot.

According to the spirit of the agreement signed by both parties, the project department and ADAMA members cleared and repaired the coastal beach land in LIRO District, a fishery in Lobito, for the local residents, and carried out environmental protection publicity, and they were welcomed by the local residents. The project department stated that in the future, it would use this cooperative platform to constantly carry out the environmental protection education and publicity and comprehensive environment management, display the image of a responsible enterprise and create a good external environment.

ADAMA is an environmental protection organization spontaneously organized by the environmental activists of Lobito, and for many years, it has been dedicated to the publicity, organization and education of environmental protection, and it enjoys a high reputation in the local government and people.

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