CHEC Held 2014 New Employee Orientation Training
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On July 21, the opening ceremony of new employee orientation was held in Meeting Room 108 of CHEC. Wang Jiayin, Party Secretary of CHEC, on behalf of the Company leaders, delivered a speech; Wang Bo – Vice President and Chief Economist of CHEC, Xiong Shengquan - Chief Accountant of CHEC, Geng Guanghong – Vice President of CHEC, Huang Yongye - Deputy Party secretary and Secretary of discipline inspection commission of CHEC and Bai Yinzhan – Vice President of CHEC attended the opening ceremony.

Wang Jiayin delivered a speech first, expressing his warm welcome to the new employees for their entry to CHEC. He pointed out that CHEC was at the rising stage of development, had clear strategies and goals, constantly optimized the market layout, made good achievements in the main business indicators, constantly strengthened the management and control ability, continued to develop the talent team, had the enterprise culture identified by all the people of the Company, had perfect and characteristic Party building organization, and provided a broader platform and more development opportunities for the new employees. The new employees chose CHEC at exactly the right time and they should not wait, but should try to become the backbone forces and elites of CHEC and become useful people making contributions to the enterprise and serving the society. He put forward three expectations for the new employees: firstly, with high aspirations and a down-to-earth attitude, adapt to the environment and integrate into the team as soon as possible, become executors of the corporate vision and development objectives, promoters of CCCC’s “Great Overseas” Strategy and the objective of “building CCCC to be a group with five identities”, and the practitioners shouldering the mission of “going global” of the State; secondly, insist on learning, strengthen the self-cultivation, keep in mind that everyone should be a true man before everything he does and become interdisciplinary talents who are skilled, proficient in business, foreign language and management; thirdly, experience themselves and make preparation for future success, make best use of the advantages and avoid the disadvantage and advance bravely, and shoulder the task of company development. At last, he sent a message to the new employees, “Your success is the hope and future of the Company and CHEC is the name of the Company and home of the employees”.

The 39 new employees participating in the training are from 19 universities at home and abroad, mainly including Dalian University of Technology, Tianjin University, Hohai University, and University of Southampton of the UK. Among them, the undergraduates account for 54%; the party members account for 59%; the overseas students account for 21% and those whose English level achieves 6.5 on the IELTS exam or above account for 79% (engineer-majored graduates).

This training lasted for 8 days, aiming to make the new employees deeply understand the enterprise culture and value orientation, and well know the working process and requirement of relevant posts as soon as possible. The lectures of the training was given by every department manager, and the course content covered 12 modules, including the strategic planning, enterprise culture, human resources and rules and regulations of the Company. After the classroom training, the Company will organize the new employees to conduct a talent assessment and hold a report-back performance of the new employees.

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