Maoming Breakwater Project Department Successfully Stood the Test of Typhoon
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On July 18, the strongest Typhoon “Rammasun” in the past 41 years in South China landed at Guangdong Coasts and the maximum wind reached 13. The General Project Department of Maoming Bohe Newport Breakwater coped with it seriously, made comprehensive deployment and successfully stood the test of typhoon.

On July 18, when the typhoon landed with a terrifying force, the project department carried out the typhoon prevention work in an orderly manner. Under the guidance of Quality and Safety Department and Electromechanical Equipment Subsidiary of CHEC, the project department took proper measures to cope with it without loss of personnel and equipment and with the physical loss of the project lower than the predicted value, so it successfully stood the severe test of typhoon.

At present, the project department is setting about resuming the production as soon as possible.

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