A QS Group of CHEC Won the Second Prize of Excellent Quality Control Group in National Engineering Construction
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At the 2014 Annual Meeting of National Engineering Construction Quality Control Group Representatives of China Association of Construction Enterprise Management which was held in Beijing from July 7 to July 10, “QC Achievement of Enhancing the Manufactured Sand Concrete Pavement Finish” of the project department of Kribi Deepwater Port Project in Cameroon won the “second prize of Excellent Quality Control Group in National Engineering Construction”.  

In the place where the Kribi Deepwater Port Project, Cameroon is located, the river sand resource is very scarce and the cost of it is high, so in order to guarantee the surface course quality and the timely completion of the engineering project node, the project department established a QC Group to study the topic of “Enhancing the Manufactured Sand Concrete Pavement Finish”. And from July 10 to November 10, 2013, the Group carried out a series of activities to tackle the quality problems and raised the concrete pavement finish to 98% from 15%, achieving the goal of the activity.

The QC activity improves the ability of the employees in the project department to analyze and solve problems and accumulate valuable experience in adopting manufactured sand concrete in the areas lack of river sand resources; it achieves a certain economic and social benefit and lays a solid foundation for the project to strive for a high-quality project.

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