The Large Port Machinery Equipment of Hambantota Port Phase I Project, Sri Lanka Successfully Passed the Test for Acceptance
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On July 29, the field installation and debugging of the three pieces of large port machinery equipment built by the Electromechanical Equipment Branch for Hambantota Port Phase I Project, Sri Lanka were successfully completed and the equipment passed the test for acceptance.

Because the equipment arrived and was delivered in the monsoon season in the Indian Ocean, in order to guarantee the discharging safety, the discharging operation was just conducted at night when the wind velocity was relatively low and the period when the surge and tide were small. All the units made careful organizations and cooperated with each other, and through two nights’ operation, the equipment went ashore successfully, which guaranteed the timely development of the follow-up installation and debugging.

When the project was carried out, the Electromechanical Equipment Branch and Sri Lanka Regional Company closely cooperated with each other and made an all-round tracking and monitoring over the equipment quality and production progress. When the client conducted the inspection and acceptance at the factory in China and the installation site, it was very satisfied at the equipment quality.

Along with the gradual delivery of the equipment for Phase I, the operational capability and efficiency of Hambantota Port will be greatly enhanced. The Electromechanical Equipment Branch will more actively cooperate with the overseas offices in the new projects with a greater enthusiasm.

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