CHEC Western Africa Division Made an Active Deployment to Combat the Epidemic
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In face of the critical situation of Ebola epidemic spreading continuously and rapidly in West Africa, CHEC Western Africa Division made an active deployment to combat the epidemic.

In January, Ebola epidemic appeared in Guinea and it continuously and rapidly spread in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria in West Africa, which had caused the death of a lot of people of African countries. At present, it is still spreading. Ebola virus is one of the most deadly viruses that are found so far, and there is no effective therapeutic method now.

The epidemic is as fierce as a tiger and life is as heavy as a mountain. The Company leaders and people responsible for relevant departments of the headquarters concerned the employees in the epidemic area, so they held an emergency meeting quickly to strengthen the organizational leadership and make an overall arrangement. Since the epidemic appeared, CHEC Western Africa Division has paid close attention to it, kept an open eye for it, made scientific decisions and an active deployment. It established an epidemic information collection group, and announced the epidemic development in time, made emergency response plan and guided people to cope with it calmly, prepared and printed epidemic prevention instruction and strengthened the knowledge publicity, printed and issued written proposal for action and asked the Party members to play a leading role. Putting the employees’ safety first and focusing on the interest of the Company, CHEC Western Africa Division made a comprehensive adjustment in the frontline production and life and combated the epidemic. At a critical moment, the leaders took the lead. Gao Hongbin and Yang Binwu resolutely went to the serious epidemic area actively to command the work and boost the morale. And the Party members faced danger fearlessly. When most of the employees were arranged to evacuate, a few Party members still stayed at the epidemic area to keep the promise of “no shutdown” for the client with their determined action.

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