The Jamaica North-South Highway (Section 2) was successfully Open to Traffic
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On August 5, the opening ceremony of Jamaica North-South Highway (Section 2), the first investment project of CHEC, was held at the site. Portia Lucretia Simpson-Miller – Prime Minister of Jamaica, Dong Xiaojun – Chinese ambassador to Jamaica, Vice President Chen Yusheng of CCCC, Chairman Mo Wenhe of CHEC, Tang Zhongdong – Vice President of CHEC and GM of CHEC Americas Division, relevant government officials and representatives of all sectors of society of Jamaica attended the ceremony, and the diplomatic mission of different countries in Jamaica also sent representatives to participate.

At 10:30, Ewen Anderson, CEO of Jamaica Highway Operation and Construction Co., Ltd., delivered the opening words, announcing the official start of the opening ceremony.

Afterwards, Prime Minister Miller, in her speech, expressed her congratulations on the official opening of the second section of the North-South Highway and spoke highly of the contributions CCCC and CHEC made to the infrastructure construction and economic development of Jamaica. She stated that China and Jamaica were long-term partners and hoped that the friendship between China and Jamaica could last forever.

Chen Yusheng, on behalf of the investor, also gave a speech. He pointed out that CCCC would continue to adhere to the enterprise mission of “consolidating the foundation and building roads, and going further through fulfilling the contracts”, give play to the overseas business advantage of the Group, and together with all walks of life of Jamaica and friends from other countries, try to complete the construction tasks better and faster and really realize the goal of “building a project, making some friends, setting up a monument and benefiting people of a country”.

Mo Wenhe, on behalf of the general contractor, delivered a speech and he expressed his thanks to the government of Jamaica, Chinese embassy in Jamaica and CCCC for their great support for the North-South Highway Project. He mentioned that the participation units worked in very hot days and that the employees of China and Jamaica actively participated and made positive contributions, reflecting the spirit of living up to the mission and struggling and the determination of “constructing a famous project and creating a first-class enterprise”.

Jamaican North-South Highway BOT project is the first investment project contracted by CHEC in form of EPC. The total investment of the project was about USD 730 million and the contract amount of EPC project was about USD 540 million. The project will bring 50-year’s long-term operating earnings to the Company and it will also further enhance the brand influence of CHEC in Jamaica and lay a good foundation for the future development of the local market.

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