The Man-hours without Lost-time Incident of Jizan Dredging and Reclamation Project in Saudi Arabia Exceeded One Million
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On August 13, the man-hours without lost-time incident of the construction of Jizan Dredging and Reclamation Project in Saudi Arabia exceeded one million. The project department held a celebration at the site, and the representatives of client ARAMCO and the engineering consulter AECOM presented the certificate of honor to the project department.

Since the contract came into force on October 1, 2013, under the care and guidance of the Company’s leaders, the project department and its cooperators have paid much attention to the safety construction, carefully fulfilled the contract requirements and constantly enhanced the management level and finally, it successfully made the achievement of one million man-hours without time-lost incident. The project department stated that it would make persistent efforts to guarantee the safety production, well construct the first project of CHEC in Jizan and create good conditions for the sustainable business development of CHEC in Jizan.

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