CHEC Informationization Meeting was Held
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On August 13, tCHEC Informationization Meeting was held in the headquarters in Beijing. The leaders of CHEC in Beijing, people responsible for the departments and offices of the headquarters and relevant workers participated in the meeting, and the meeting was presided over by Vice President Wang Bo.

At the meeting, the report on the informationization work of CHEC was given and the achievements in informationization of CHEC in recent years were comprehensively reviewed. In the past years, through a few inputs of capital and manpower, CHEC made some achievements in the information construction and basically met the needs of normal operation. Through benchmarking the informationization level of the units in the system of CCCC, domestic leading enterprises and the advanced international peers, the meeting analyzed the problems and gap of CHEC in the information-based organization, capital input, human resources, system application and system safety; and the leaders and people responsible for different departments of CHEC gave their opinions and suggestions. Besides, the meeting also studied and discussed the application of information system of the Company, office system construction scheme for overseas offices, video conference system construction scheme, infrastructure construction scheme for overseas offices and information safety construction scheme and put forward the next-step work thinking and plan.

President Lin Yichong delivered an important speech. He pointed out that management informationization was an important management means of the Company, that there was still a gap of the Company’s current informationization management and application level from the positioning of “qualified, good, great” of the Company, and that the leaders should pay much attention to it, improve the organization, guarantee the capital and manpower input and make the Company’s informationization strategic planning as soon as possible. And the departments should make management objectives and bring the informationization management level into the department assessment. He required that after fully understanding the present management situation, the Company should make measures to become advanced in the system of CCCC in two years and try to become internationally advanced in five years.

Vice President Wang Bo concluded the meeting, requiring that the Company should carry out the meeting requirements, sort out the problems and make plans. He pointed out that this meeting raised the thought level and unified the understanding and that it was a “stimulant” of the Company’s informationization work and would promote and accelerate the step of information construction and realize the leap in overall management level of the Company.

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