President of Angola Attended the Completion and Launch Ceremony of Lobito Port Expansion Project and Unveiled the Nameplate and Cut the Ribbon for it
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On August 21, the completion and launch ceremony of Lobito Port Expansion Project in Angola undertaken by CHEC was held. Important politicians of Angola, including President Dos Santos, attended the ceremony and unveiled the nameplate and cut the ribbon for it.

Lobito Port is an important hub of logistics transportation in Angola. The port expansion project undertaken by CHEC comprises of one container terminal, one ore terminal and back-up yard and so on. The project started in June, 2008 and was completed in November, 2013. During the construction, CHEC adhered to the standard management, made scientific organization and careful construction, and completed the construction task on time with safety and quality guaranteed, so it was praised by the client and the government of Angola. At the completion ceremony, Augusto, Minister of Communications of Angola, expressed his thanks to CHEC for its important contributions to the construction of Lobito Port.

After being put into use, this project greatly enhances the throughput of this port, is beneficial to strengthen the foreign economic relation of Angola and even middle and southern Africa, and becomes an important passage of foreign trade in this region, such as commodities, goods, and mineral resources of different countries.

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