Prime Minister of Qatar Attended the Press Conference of Completion of Installation of Wharf Concrete-blocks for Doha Newport
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On August 27, great progress was made again in Doha Newport (Phase I) project undertaken by CHEC, and the installation of all the wharf concrete-blocks were completed ahead of schedule. Abdullah – Prime Minister of Qatar, Jasem – Minister of Communications of Qatar and Gao Youzhen – Chinese ambassador to Qatar together witnessed the installation of the last block; and a special press conference was convened. CHEC Doha Newport Project management team, field representative of the client, management layer of the consulting company, guests from all walks of life and media personnel attended the press


This is the second time that Abdullah – Prime Minister of Qatar has come to the project site. He asked the latest construction progress of Doha Newport Phase I project, expressed his congratulations on the excellent achievements CHEC made in progress, quality and safety and so on, and spoke highly of the positive and exemplary role CHEC played in the overall Doha Newport project.

At the press conference, Jasem - Minister of Communications of Qatar introduced the overall construction situation of Doha Newport in details. He sated that the completion of installation of wharf concrete-blocks ahead of schedule provided a powerful guarantee for the progress of the following work. CHEC did not only make great contributions to the construction of Doha Newport in the project progress, but also made great achievements in the aspects of safety, environmental protection and quality. The 14 million man-hours without lost-time incident can well prove it. At the media interaction link, Jasem answered the questions about the total investment, current project progress and expected service time of Doha Newport Project one by one.

Gao Youzhen – Chinese ambassador to Qatar expressed his congratulations on the achievement with a milestone-type significance CHEC made, and praised that CHEC had set a good example for Chinese enterprises in Qatar.

Doha Newport Project was an important supporting project for 2022 Qatar World Cup. The total investment in the project is about USD 10 billion; CHEC began to construct the Phase I work in 2011 and plans to put it into use in 20l6. At that time, the container terminal, general cargo wharf, offshore supply wharf, coast guard wharf and navy pier which CHEC is constructing will be open. This time, CHEC completed the installation of blocks 134 days earlier, 5016 blocks more than the production at the same period in the reference plan, and the installation acceptance rate is 100%. It provides a powerful guarantee for the following construction of wharf structure and also lays a solid foundation for the earlier completion of Doha Newport.

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