Qatar Newport Navy Pier Project Entered the Stage of Substantial Construction
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After the first wharf concrete-block for Qatar Newport Navy Pier Project was prefabricated in mid-July, the daily production of the block prefabrication in September 1 reached 50; and the harbor basin precipitation reduced to -8m on September 3. The successful implementation of the above two tasks marks that the Navy Pier project formally entered the stage of substantial construction; and the next-step construction, including foundation trench excavation, block installation, breakwater and revetment landfill will be conducted as scheduled.

The contract amount of Qatar Newport Navy Pier Project is about USD 170 million and the construction period is 19 months. The project comprises of pier structure and foundation trench excavation, breakwater and revetment, floating pier, navigation mark facilities and some back-filling construction. The pier structure is the solid concrete block gravity-type structure; the quantity of block prefabrication is 13622 and the amount of concrete used is about 300,000m3; and in peak hour, the prefabrication quantity can reach 90 blocks per day.

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