CHEC and Hohai University Signed Three Cooperation Agreements
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On September 17, CHEC and Hohai University held the signing ceremony of three agreements in Nanjing, including the strategic cooperation framework agreement. CHEC President Lin Yichong and President Xu Hui of Hohai University, on behalf of each side, signed the strategic cooperation agreement; CHEC deputy Party secretary Huang Yongye and deputy Party secretary Guo Jichao of Hohai University signed the agreement on cooperating to cultivate the undergraduate international students and the agreement on establishment of CHEC scholarship. The international students from Angola, Jamaica and Papua New Guinea who are financially funded by CHEC attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, President Xu Hui, on behalf of Hohai University, expressed his welcome to the delegation led by President Lin Yichong, introduced the development history of the university and its advantages in professional disciplines, scientific research platform and information communication, and said he believed that the strategic cooperation between the university and CHEC would obtain a lot of achievements. President Lin Yichong pointed out that this in-depth cooperation between CHEC and Hohai University was one of the specific actions of CHEC fulfilling the social responsibility and cultivating advanced applied talents. He expressed his thanks to Hohai University for its support to CHEC in the aspects of talent cultivation and international communication and placed high hopes on cooperating to cultivate international students and further deepening the comprehensive cooperation.

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is a good action CHEC takes to respond to the call of the State, promote the university-enterprise cooperation and promote talent cultivation and scientific and technological innovation and it will play a positive role in the business development of the Company.

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