Two Ship Unloaders of Vietnam Coastal Harbor Project Berthed Successfully
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On the morning of September 6, witnessed by the representatives of the Vietnam Kent Port Authority, the project client and consulting company, two 1500T/H chain bucket continuous ship unloaders provided by the Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Branch arrived at the Vietnam Coastal Harbour wharf successfully and went ashore safely nine days later, marking that the wharf construction comprehensively entered the equipment installation stage.

The chain bucket continuous ship unloaders are the core equipment of Vietnam Coastal Harbour wharf project and also the key condition determining whether the project can be delivered on time. The master contract requires that the equipment must be designed and manufactured in accordance with the G7 standard of the western countries, but what China uses is the international GB standard. In order to satisfy the contract requirement, the project department and the Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Branch jointly made effective strategies and finally gained the recognition of the project client and the consulting company for the equipment made by China, which also promoted the application of Chinese standard in foreign projects.

According to the introduction of Zhenhua Heavy Industries - the equipment manufacturer, the relevant equipment are the most complicated and automatic among the similar products it manufactured and is also the first exported chain bucket continuous ship unloaders that are independently researched and developed in China. That the relevant equipment went ashore safely before the period of monsoon realizes the set milestone programme of the project and provides a powerful guarantee for the project delivery on time.

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