The Implementation of the Principal Part of Juba International Airport Project in South Sudan Commenced
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Recently, when the 65th birthday of the country was approaching, the relevant preparation of Juba International Airport Project in South Sudan was completed and the implementation of the principal part started.

So far, the concrete mixing plant in the production area of the project has been completed and put into use; the dispatching of main machinery equipment, construction of camps in living quarter, construction of foundation of bituminous mixing plant, and construction of temporary roads of the airport have been all completed; and the equipment for the water stability mixing plant and rocking rolling yard are being installed and debugging now, and in mid-October, the trial production and operation will start; along the runway extension, the clearing of an area over 50,000m2 has been completed and the project department has been well prepared for the earthwork construction after the dry season comes; the enclosure of the cargo parking apron has been completed and it is expected to start the construction in mid-October.

Juba International Airport Reconstruction and Expansion Phase I Project in South Sudan started in July 7 with a contract amount of USD 158 million and a contract period of 30 months. The construction comprises of extension of the existing runway, taxiway, linking taxiway, parking apron and auxiliary facilities. This project is a pioneering project in many fields. It is the first civil airport project CHEC undertook in Africa, the first EPC project of CHEC in South Sudan and also the only large infrastructure project which is being implemented in South Sudan. The project department will deepen the idea of “people first, safe and sustainable development”, unite as one and spare no effort to guarantee the smooth implementation of the project.

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