The Paving Work of the Asphalt Pavement of Mubarak Kebir Project in Kuwait Commenced
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On September 30, the paving work of the Asphalt Pavement of Mubarak Kebir Project in Kuwait (the former Bubiyan Island Project in Kuwait) started officially.

CHEC and a local company formed a general contracting joint venture to construct this project. The principal part was completed in early 2012 and the pavement paving is the last sub-project of this contract. The Company overcame the difficulty of poor contract performance capability of the joint venture partner (the local company), coordinated with different parties to promote the startup of this sub-project, which strengthened the trust of the client and the consulting company and reduced the project risk. It is expected that it will be completed in early 2016.

Mubarak Kebir Project started in September 1, 2007 and the contract amount was about USD 465 million. The construction comprises of a 1.42km-long sea-crossing highway bridge, a 7.31km-long (changing to 4.24km-long later) sea-crossing railway bridge, a 26km-long two-way six-lane highway and a 24km-long double-line railway subgrade.

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