The Principal Part of the 10th Contract Section of Jeddah Flood Control Project in Saudi Arabia was Completed
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On September 30, the principal part of the 10th contract section of Jeddah Flood Control Project in Saudi Arabia which was generally contracted by CHEC and constructed by CCCC Forth Engineering Co., Ltd. was completed successfully after 12 months’ construction, winning a phased victory. It was affirmed by the Saudi Prince and the government of Makkah Province and further enhanced the trust of ARAMCO in CHEC.

Jeddah Flood Control Project in Saudi Arabia is a national key project and an important people’s livelihood project in Saudi Arabia. JSDP Headquarters – constructed by ARAMCO as the agent is responsible for the construction and management of the project while AECOM is responsible for the consultation and design. This project is divided into four sections with a total contract amount of about USD 500 million. The contract for this project was signed on July 29, 2013 and the completion data on the contract is October 30, 2014. This project comprises of 4,000,000m3 earth excavation, 1,200,000m3 earthwork backfilling, 36,000t reinforcing steel bars, 450,000m? concrete, 18 channel culverts with a total length of 37.5km, recovery of 6km-long asphalt road, road maintenance and 68km-long guardrail.

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