The Crude Oil Terminal and Waterway Work of Sino–Burma Crude Oil Pipeline Won the First Prize of National Project Management Achievement Award
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Several days ago, the Project Management Committee of China Construction Industry Association (CCIA) announced the winners of 2013 national excellent construction project management achievement award. The crude oil terminal and waterway work of Sino–Burma Crude Oil Pipeline undertaken by CHEC won the first prize of national project management achievement award and the Company was invited to participate in the “13th China International Construction Project Management Summit Meeting”.

During the project implementation, the Sino–Burma Crude Oil Pipeline Terminal Project Department completed the sub-projects with the qualification rate reaching 100%. Besides, it also won two national excellent QC achievement awards, one national construction method (Rock-breaking technology of cutter suction dredger under complicated operating conditions) and two national new-type patents (underwater non-dispersible concrete composite foundation, anchor-pulled gravity block wharf). The winning of this award lays a solid foundation for the project to apply for Lu Ban Award. The project department said it would continue to comprehensively strengthen the project management and guarantee the standardized and orderly completion of the tail-in work.

The selection of “Excellent project management achievement award” is an annual event organized by CCIA and it aims to summarize and publicize the excellent management achievements of Chinese construction enterprises in engineering contracting and project management, greatly promote the enterprise management innovation and technological progress and accelerate the developmental mode transformation of China’s construction industry and the transformation and upgrading of the construction enterprises.

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