The Train Speed of Lanxin High-Speed Railway on the First Day of Joint Debugging and Commissioning Exceeded 230km/h
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On November 5, the joint debugging and commissioning of Lanxin (Lanzhou-Xinjiang) High-Speed Railway in whose construction CHEC participated started officially; the train speed on the first day exceeded 230km/h.

According to the requirement of Lanzhou Railway Bureau, the joint debugging and commissioning will last for seven days and the target speed is 275km/h. On the first day of the joint debugging and commissioning, seven tests were arranged. The train speed increased from 100km/h gradually and every speed increase is a test for the construction project. The test for the speed of 200km/h is the biggest concern, because specific problems of high-speed railway appeared only after the speed exceeded 200km/h. Finally, the train passed through the tunnel and bridge quickly and the highest speed exceeded 230km/h. The test result on the first day fully showed the high construction quality of the Company.

Joint debugging and commissioning is a comprehensive test before the railway is put into operation and the track precision will be amended according to the test data. Apart from the testers and experts, all the participation units should send someone to be on the train so as to sign for confirming the test data.

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